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C & D Excavating and Tree Service

Lot Clearing and Tree Removal in Cornwall and Surrounding Areas

With decades of tree removal experience under our belt, C & D Excavating and Tree Service has the expertise, equipment and workforce necessary for tree removal in Cornwall and surrounding areas. We offer you professional expert services, including 24/7 emergency service, tree trimming, pruning and routine care. 

Whether we have to trim/prune a tree or shrub, remove a tree, grind a stump or check the health of a tree, we are happy to send one of our professionals for your help at a time convenient to you. We can recognize tree hazards that might pose a risk to your property’s safety. Our team works round the clock to ensure you get professional help in case of immediate tree removal. Hire us to take care of your trees and eliminate any risks to your safety.

Know When You Need a Tree Removal

Everyone at C & D Excavating and Tree Service is a nature lover, but we also understand that sometimes tree removal is the only option available. A tree requires removal when:

It is dead, diseased or dying.

There is storm damage.

It is leaning towards your property.

There are cracks in the wood.

It has outgrown its growth area.

Its roots cause significant disturbance to walkway areas.

Its branches are rubbing up against roofs, windows or power lines.

Our Services

The arborists at C & D Excavating and Tree Service are insured and use the latest equipment for tree removal in Cornwall. The tree services can help you manage your property and provide solutions to reduce risk. Our employees are trained to do this without posing any harm to your trees or property. We perform:


We remove the decayed or damaged branches.

Cabling and bracing

We help you increase the strength and stability of your trees.

Routine care

We help you take proper care of your trees.

Lot Clearing in Cornwall

C & D Excavating and Tree Service provides cost-effective lot clearing and tree removal services to prepare your lot for development. Whether you are a homeowner or a commercial property owner, our lot clearing professionals will work closely with you to ensure that you know the whole process. Lot clearing is necessary if you plan to build a new house or commercial property or expand the existing one. The process involves the removal of shrubs and trees to make the area clear for new constructions. We provide affordable and efficient tree removal services and lot clearing in Cornwall and surrounding areas for commercial and residential properties.

Our Lot Clearing Services

Whether you need to clear hundreds of acres of land or want to remove only a few trees, C & D Excavating and Tree Service can provide you with a cost-effective solution. We can clear lands for installing pipelines, new housing developments, ranches, home site development, and more. Our services include:

Site preparation for removal of shrubs and trees.

Stump grinding and removal by experts.

Identifying trees and shrubs that need to be removed.

Land grading to ensure that the top layer of soil is even and compact.

Dealing With After-storm Damage

Extreme weather conditions can damage your trees. Let us do the clean-up work after the storm.

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