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C & D Excavating and Tree Service

Reliable Excavation Services in Cornwall and Surrounding Areas

C & D Excavating and Tree Service is a reputed company providing excavation services in Cornwall and surrounding areas for two decades. As we know the area well, we understand the need for cost containment and overcoming unexpected obstacles discovered during and after the process excavation. Our team can handle all your excavation site work and drainage system needs. We have the equipment and expertise necessary to make all your excavation and grading projects a success. 

From on-time site development to permanent drainage solutions, we support our clients with personalized services and attention to detail. We keep investing in leading-edge equipment technology from time to time to improve our efficiency, accuracy and speed so that you get the results you desire.

view of an excavator in a pit
man fixing a pipe

Excavation in Cornwall

Excavation is not only crucial for the construction of buildings but also for less complex requirements such as a driveway. We can help you prepare the foundation for a driveway for your house or commercial facility by getting rid of unwanted trees, stumps, and compact gravel. From digging up holes to installing a new pipeline system to repairing your sewer line, our team is available to help you. When building a new house, you would need a contractor to install a pipeline system from the city water line to your house or barn. C & D Excavating and Tree Service can help you with that too. Our services include:

Sewer or septic tank installation

Sewer repair

Sewer pipe replacement

Water drainage and pipeline system installation

Boring services, including the installation and repair of stormwater drains

Free Estimates

If you need an estimate before starting the excavation or tree removal work, just write to us.

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